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ICS – Who We Are

International Client Services comprises of a permanent core team plus strategic partners that may include individuals with a known expertise or a larger specialist body, and with whom we have a proven relationship.

The overall team is on a global basis, but the core team is entirely UK-based.

Both the team members and strategic partners are people who have extensive and proven records of success in their specialist markets and have outstanding records for client relationships.

Our raison detre is about providing the best solutions for our clients and the protection of their interests.

The core team at ICS comprises of specialists in vertical farming, Agritech, finance, business development. sales. Legal documentation and contractual agreements, marketing, controlled environment technology, construction. renewable energy, research, manufacturing. agriculture and supply chain resource management.

Within our vertical farm experience our associates have a wealth of experience in hydroponic, aeroponic, aquaponic and hybrid growing systems.

Our team have a wide spectrum of experience within both regulated and unregulated areas.

The strategic associates with whom we have long-term and current working relationships also have expertise within regulated and unregulated markets inclusive of FCA, SRA, HMRC, Finance and Accountancy regulated, pension regulated sector.

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