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Vertical Farm Funding and Finance Wrappers

ICS are specialist facilitators in the funding and financing of vertical farms and controlled environment growing systems. We believe ourselves to be, at present, the only UK and European business specifically facilitating funding and finance wrappers specifically for this market sector.

If your Agritech project requires funding or finance. maybe looking to purchase a farm, or re-equip and existing Agritech project, then you should be talking to the ICS team. Even if you have yet to complete a detailed business plan or perhaps need to systematically research.

Some examples of financing that we have helped to facilitate for clients have included:

  • Lease finance (as some of the vertical farms are mortgageable)
  • Debt financing
  • Invoice financing
  • Letters of credit
  • Asset financing
  • Development finance
  • Sale and lease-back
  • Stock Finance
  • Growth Capital
  • Equity capital
  • Reade finance
  • Import funding
  • or on occasions we may create a finance product around the specific project

We have successfully facilitated clients into the Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme where a viable business has perhaps previously been turned down for standard commercial loans due to lack of proven track record.

We can help with and can introduce the project to investor funding where we have investors and funders with whom we have previously dealt or are currently helping unite with a client.

There are numerous funding opportunities such as VCT – Venture Capital Trusts, Crowdfunding, SEIS – Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme, and EIS which is the government backed Enterprise Investment Scheme.

To learn more either contact us on or visit the main Vertical Farm Funding site on This website and business is fully regulated under the Financial Conduct Authority

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