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Vertical Farm Solutions

Part of the expertise of the team at ICS is being able to match up the requirements of a potential vertical farmer or urban farmer with the best solutions from a truly independent perspective.

One thing our collective experience has taught the ICS team is that with vertical farming there is, no such thing as one size fits all!

There are whole rafts of levels and criteria that need to be identified before deciding upon a farm – such as size, output required, climatic conditions into which it will be located, crops that are intended to be grown, location, availability of direct sunlight, renewable energy requirements, training, most apt equipment and growing mediums for types of crop, and even down to the requirement to have a ready-made supply chain in place as time-scales from planting to harvest can be very fast for some plants.

Even basics such as the growing system employed such as will it be Hydroponic, Aeroponic, Aquaponic or perhaps a hybrid system? – on flat beds stacked or towers? – what height is available? will it be needed to move locations? Modular construction, or perhaps placed inside an existing envelope? If delivered say to an underground carpark – can it be delivered flat-pack. What type of lighting, HVAC system, nutrient delivery system? Where do I find my produce customers?

It is all too easy to see why new vertical farmers can find themselves with a perfectly good system that however is totally unsuitable for their actual requirements or why so many ready-made plug and play farms are forced into all growing identical crops.

By utilising the resources of Vertical Farm Solutions and the ICS team you can successfully select almost everything you need from building the farm, running the farm, and selling the produce to the research required, market analysis and finding the best sales prices – all from one source.

Vertical Farm Solutions are independent insomuch that they can source any type of vertical farm that you require:

  • Hydroponic, Aeroponic, Aquaponic, Hybrid systems, Saline systems
  • Horizontal or vertical systems
  • LED lighting systems from China, USA, Europe, or UK
  • LED lighting spectrums
  • HVAC System including Hybrids
  • Nutrient & dosing delivery systems
  • NFT systems (Nutrient film technique)
  • Modular construction, Static buildings timer framed, Internal clean room builds
  • Renewable energy solutions
  • Nutrient supplies
  • CO2 Boost integration systems
  • Water circulation systems
  • Ebb and flow systems
  • Racking systems or towers
  • Insulated build systems

To be successful in any controlled environment farm it is imperative that the farm is designed to suit your requirement rather than having to moderate your requirements to accommodate a one-size fits all farm –

Flexible solutions in an ever-changing world

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