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ICS – Vertical Farm Consultancy & Business Development

Our team have, collectively, vast experience in the establishment and management of vertical farming projects from inception
through to completion and beyond inclusive of the actual farming and produce placement.

Business Development Consultancy

Undoubtedly, Business development consultancy can play a crucial part in the growth of a business, helping to uncover the weaknesses and strengthen and enabling the actualising opportunities for real growth. It is the role of our consultants to fully understand the business and to work closely with key decision makers.  Its not simply about identifying new business opportunities but its also about analysis, sales strategy, funding and finance, strategic planning and making those plans turn into positive achievement.

As independent business development we are here to provide valuable support to a business seeking to be profitable and to maintain sustainable business growth.

Our consultancy can be as wide or as individually focussed as you require, from finding the best equipment to developing your complete business plan, finding partners to fund the business, to advising on contract writing or to even finding your end users.

The team have vast experience in this marketplace with a broad base of skillsets. Some of these are highly specialist skills which our client’s team may not yet possess but one area that is most important is that we can bring objectivity. With no personal bias or “axe to grind” we can provide objective views on developing your best practice business model.

Clearly our experience allows a high degree of insight as we have a lot of experience at many different levels within this business environment but importantly, that experience brings contacts that have taken years to accumulate and develop and our collective networking abilities can be worth a great deal to moving a project on quickly and effectively.

We can analyse your current and projected business environments, research the marketing trends and political, economic, and social developments that could impact them in the future and then assist in the implementation of the strategies.

There are occasions where existing or prospective clients seek assistance in terms n taking an asset and converting it into a fundable investment vehicle.

 A full understanding will mean that we are better equipped to understand your aims and objectives, and best placed to introduce you to the best solutions or perhaps strategic partners.

We can offer a “launch to completion” service, whereby we will advise through the entire project from conception, branding, marketing, launch, sales, and funding through to final completion with a total “hands-on” approach if that is required.

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