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International Client Services, known as ‘ICS’, or int-cs, is an experienced corporate service provider and funding and
finance specialist with particular interests, and expertise in the following market arenas:

  • Vertical and Urban farming and controlled environment growing systems,
  • Hydroponics – Aeroponics – Aquaponics & Hybrid systems
  • Food security and Food accessibility through modern technologies and operations
  • Supply Chain introductions to food – pharmaceutical – natural cosmetics – ingredient – pet food and other natural product users
  • Sustainable and renewable energy systems
  • Food and energy production in combined formats
  • Energy efficient modular buildings
  • Funding – Grants – Financing
  • Commercial loan providers
  • Business development (inclusive of business plans, Research, PR, and marketing),
  • FCA Regulated Escrow Provision

We are particularly noted as specialists for the establishment and management of complete business development programmes,
helping companies develop and become more successful, and in the raising of capital for businesses.

ICS offer turnkey solutions to businesses both in the UK and International arena.

Whilst our team are delighted to assist in all types of business and market areas, we have a powerful desire to work with businesses who are keen to
further realistic Sustainable Development Goals in which our clients’ businesses meet society’s needs using
non-polluting processes, use natural resources, generate energy efficiencies and do not compromise the needs of our future generations.

We apply the same principals to new businesses that have not yet started trading

Our Services

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