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Business Development

The ICS team members have extensive experience in helping companies develop and become highly successful. As well as the sections shown earlier there are also more generic areas where we assist in order to help our clients reach their realistic goals. All ICS team members have operated at the peak of commerce and industry and / or have managed their own successful businesses.

Sales and Marketing

Our team of experts can work with you in order to create and implement agreed sales targets and marketing strategies. Areas in which we help include:

  • Recruitment
  • Target setting
  • Pitching
  • Networking
  • Incentive Schemes
  • Training
  • Social Media
  • Digital marketing
  • Brochures
  • Establishing call centres
  • Lead Generation
  • Seminars / Webinars
  • Email campaigns
  • Website Analysis
  • Newsletters
  • Copy
  • Website Analysis
  • Research
Alternative Funding Routes

Bank lending to small and medium-sized enterprises, (SMEs), was severely affected by the global financial crisis. Since the credit crunch occurred, banks have been averse to approving loans to SMEs. Banks have, in essence, had far less appetite for risk, and this has led to the growth of alternative fundraising methods.

Perhaps the most prominent of these has been crowdfunding and equivalent online platforms. Institutional funding and family offices have grown in prominence. SMEs have also partaken in alternative fundraising methods including unlisted share offerings, loan notes and hybrid schemes such as convertible loan notes.

So-called “non-bank” funders offer SMEs greater speed, transparency and flexibility than traditional banks. Funding for SMEs from alternative sources is now worth £3.2B in the UK and this figure is forecast to rise in the coming years; according to Statista.

ICS can assist SMEs in securing finance through alternative fundraising routes.

Project & Proposition Facilitation

There are occasions where existing or prospective clients seek assistance in terms of finding projects, marketing projects, selling the project or even taking an asset and converting it into a fundable investment vehicle.

In order to facilitate the right funding mechanisms – and so that we appreciate the way to ensure the best chance of your project success – it is essential for our consultants to understand your business, from start to finish. This stage is vital to the successful outcome of the project. A full understanding will mean that we are better equipped to understand your aims and objectives, and also best placed to introduce you to the best possible funding sources. As specialists in bespoke funding solutions, the time spent in consultancy allows us to explore and analyse the project and research and define the requirements fully.

We can offer a “launch to completion” service, whereby we will advise through the entire project from conception, branding, marketing, launch, sales and funding through to final completion with a total “hands-on” approach if that is required.

Copywriting & Research

At ICS we never underestimate the value of extensive research coupled with well written and informative copy.

Extensive research will lay out the breadth and depth of your marketplace, your competition, trends, legislative changes, future predictions, even down to the highest-ranking keywords to be successful in organic searches. The research can provide all the data your business requires to help to formulate your strategies.

Good copy establishes a link to your audience, helps to drive profitability, helps earns a Return on Investment (ROI) and helps to achieves your business’ goals. Copywriters are often responsible for text on brochures, websites, emails, advertising, social media, newsletters, blogs and business presentations, and ensuring that your text remains compliant where required.

Important skills for a copywriter include:

  • Good writing skills and be able to capture attention by telling a story.
  • The ability to inject the business’ personality.
  • A sense of curiosity with good sound market awareness.
  • Excellent research skills.
  • An understanding of the user experience.
  • An understanding of all / any compliance requirements.
Strategic Planning

The ICS team will assist your team to plan the future development of your business. We can analyse your current and projected business environments, research the marketing trends and political, economic and social developments that could impact them in the future, and then assist in the strategy implementation.

For all of your copywriting and research needs

ICS is here to help.

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