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Funding Areas

Need help to raise funding?

If you are trying to raise funding, International Client Services (ICS) can help you, from the creation of business plans, accounting forecasts and cash-flow charts to the drafting of the information memorandum, procurement and negotiations.

Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme

We are able to be flexible in our approach and in situations where, for example, you may be a smaller business but with insufficient security to meet normal lending requirements, then we may be able to assist with EFG – Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme. This is a government-backed 755 Guarantee against the remaining outstanding facility balance – often this will enable a potential refusal to turn into an acceptance of a loan. Accredited lenders can use EFG to assist the borrower to access from £1,000 – £1.2M. Finance terms are from three months up to ten years for term loans and asset finance and up to three years for revolving facilities and invoice finance.

Innovation Funding

The Governemnt’s Innovation Funding Service allows for grants up to specific values to be awarded for startups, SME’s and other companies that operate in specific industries where innovation can be demonstrated. A recent scheme, for example, provided for up to £15M of grant funding through the neatly titled Transforming Food Production Science & Technology Into Practice Programme. ICS can help businesses to facilitate the success of a grant funding application and the formulation of the supporting documentation required when such applications are assessed.

JV Loans / Joint Venture Development Funding

A Joint Venture is largely regarded as a contractual agreement which joins together two or more businesses for the purpose of executing a specific business strategy.

ICS, with our strategic partners, are in touch with our own network of funders and investors, contractors and developers who actively seek quality Joint Venture relationships, and are, in certain circumstances, prepared to invest up to 100% of the total project costs, inclusive of land, build and stamp duty.

ICS seek to provide solutions that will enable our clients to see the completion and realisation of the specific project and to encourage partnerships that really mean just that.  No U-turns, no false promises, simply a commitment to see the project through from initial plan to the sales and marketing of the final product. We offer a complete dedicated team of experts to draw upon.

  • Are you a developer who has a serious opportunity but lacks funds?
  • Are you an equity investor seeking you next development opportunity?
  • Perhaps you have a potential development project or own land where you seek a partner to develop the opportunity?

Contact the team at ICS.

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